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Report Overview

The simplest Ranking Report shows the cumulative returns for each portfolio [averaged for each adviser / provider]. This is over 1, 3, and 5 years. 

You can best view a sample in left tab Report Guide by scrolling down to the tables or by viewing the Sample Report.

After you join, and your portfolio performance has been entered into the database, you can see your report by logging in. You can check the ranking of your investment advisory team who represents your whole portfolio of funds hierarchy [including your personal investment adviser].

Every quarter, your portfolio results will be updated. You will be emailed to suggest you may like to have a look.

There is also a more detailed annual performance report if you wish to view trends of performance year by year. Chartered Accountants and Trustees are more likely to need this report.

If you have enough information we suggest you now look at Fees on the left tab.

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How do you see the ranking report?
When you subscribe, you'll be given a login and password, allowing you to privately and confidentially view the ranking reports, as well as your own investment results. You can only see average figures for each Investment Adviser.

You won't be able to see anyone else's individual investment results, and no-one else will be able to see yours. You cannot see anyone else's name and neither can they see yours. The login method assures that result.

What do I do with the Ranking Report?
Firstly, find your green highlighted performance lines. See Sample Report.
Note: If the Investment Adviser has less than 5 years of performance, your data will be at the bottom of the five year rankings.
Check your ranking over all five years [if applicable].
Be thankful if you are ranked highly.
Consider if your overall ranking gives you cause for concern.
Check the performance year by year.
Is the trend up or down?
Consider if you should ask for help e.g. from a chartered accountant or trusted friend.

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