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You obtain the comparative performance ranking to see how well or poorly your portfolio is performing. The Ranking Reports are on a post tax basis. This is only possible where portfolios are more or less fully taxed as with PIE Funds.

You can see annual results and annual ranking in each of up to five years; and overall ranking over the whole five years [in five risk profiles just like KiwiSaver]. 

This service provides a method to compare your particular combination of managed funds based on other portfolios with similar exposure to higher volatility investments like share markets versus fixed interest. Note that fixed interest can also be volatile if inflation and interest rates move quickly.

For confidentiality, no-one can see your private information. You cannot see theirs. See the Report Overview and Sample Report.

If you have enough information, we suggest you now just go to SIGN UP NOW.

By Clicking Sign Up Now, that merely enables you to register your interest and obtain a login.

Upon login, you are invited to Update Your Details with information needed to confidentially load your performance data. You can then choose to Subscribe. 

The fundamental principle is that we are empowering consumer investors.

As stated by the Reserve Bank Deputy Governor in 2016, investors need to:
  • be well informed; 
  • have accurate and relevant information to make sensible decisions; 
  • have timely, comparable and accessible information on investment alternatives.
  • obtain transparency.
Invespectra Ranking Reports achieve that for Portfolio of Funds investors.

There is more information for you to browse set out in Resources / FAQ / Solutions under these headings. You do not need the information to subscribe.

Regional Reports to be relevant to you

Ranking Reports is on Net Performance after Fees, after Tax = your future spending money

The NZ Bankers Association supports after fees performance comparisons.

The Reserve Bank of NZ supports concept for Financial Stability.

Other Providers support the concept - see FAQs
  • Gareth Morgan Investments   
  • Capital Asset Management – Brent Sheather, [also NZ Herald columnist]   
  • Russell Investments former CEO
  • One Auckland CBD chartered accountant privately provides this service to clients now [Proof of Value]. 
  • Overseas, in Switzerland and USA three companies have entered this space.

The Financial Markets Authority supports transparency.

The Commerce Commission supports Competition

This service is provided by Invespectra NZ Ltd [see tab About INVESPECTRA].