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Risk Profiles

Risk Profile questionnaires have been designed to help investment advisers understand your Risk Tolerance. This includes your need to accept market risk and willingness to endure fluctuations in your portfolio value to achieve your investment goals.

Invespectra does not need to know your risk profile. We obtain asset allocation data which shows your exposure to different asset classes. This ensures comparisons are like with like. 

This process is the same as used for Kiwisaver.

Assessing Your Risk Profile:
   You do not need to know your investment risk profile to join Invespectra Ranking Reports. We work out the the level of risk to compare with other portfolios by obtaining your asset allocations. That is the amount of shares or income producing assets in your portfolio. This is the same method regulated for Kiwisaver providers.

"The INVESPECTRA Ranking Reports will help everyone including investors, their investment advisers and those seeking alternatives to bank deposits."