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The Invespectra Process

The Steps to Subscribe

(a) You click SIGN UP NOW to supply your contact details; in reply, we supply your login details. 
You can see all necessary minimal details before you subscribe. 
You supply the login to where you view your portfolio results as arranged by your investment adviser. That is passed to an independent chartered accountant whom we pay to act on your behalf to load performance data. 
You also need to supply details of your investment adviser and provider organisation. 
Then when you are ready, you can click SUBSCRIBE and that will lead to a tax invoice for payment.

(b) We use an independent chartered accountant [CA] whom we pay to act on your behalf.

(c) After payment, the CA obtains access to your performance data.

(d) The CA loads your performance data and asset allocations into our database on your behalf. Each quarter, the CA updates your current performance data and asset allocations.

(e) When the loading of data is complete, the CA reports to you that you can view the Invespectra Ranking Reports.

(f) You decide if action is needed or be happy that you have chosen a top performing investment provider. Our website suggests decision possibilities for you in the tab Report Overview and in Resources / FAQs.

(g) If you need more help about your report results, you decide if you should contact us, or your own accountant or lawyer, or co-trustee, for advice. We do not give investment advice. We help investors select providers of investment advice.

Some  Questions & Answers are set out below.
More can be found in the FAQ section.

[1] How do we obtain Access to your Performance Data
The easiest method is for you to supply the login and password to your portfolio administration system where you usually go to look up your investment adviser’s results. You can do that when we send you your login to our website database.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can provide these performance results by posted paper copy which is more cumbersome, or by scanned emailed copy.

[2] How do we Report to you that you can view the updated Invespectra Ranking Report
When your portfolio performance data has been loaded, you will automatically be sent an email saying your ranking reports are ready for you to view. Using your login, you can view the ranking reports at any time. 

Investors who have been with their Investment Adviser organisation less than five years will see annual performance ranking but not the overall five year ranking.

[3] Can you Share the Ranking Report with others?
You may share your report with your Lawyer or Chartered Accountant to seek advice. They may not use your Ranking Report information for other clients. That would breach copyright and if found to be deliberate, would be putting their whole future in another person's hands.

You may also share the Ranking Report with your immediate family to help make decisions about your portfolio on the same confidential basis.

You may not share your report or results with anyone else. Like entertainment internet piracy, that weakens the ability to provide this service. It is not a sensible risk to take because you place your future in their hands. The fee is relatively small.

Sign Up Now / then consider subscribing.