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The Problem
When you as investor in a Portfolio of managed funds receive your quarterly report on your portfolio performance from your investment adviser / provider, there is no easy method for you to compare that result. 

You need answers: Am I getting the best return? 

Could I do better? This is the main worry we set out to remove. 

By joining along with many other investors, you help create the needed Performance Ranking reports.

By Clicking Sign Up Now, that merely enables you to register your interest and obtain a login.

Upon login, you are invited to Update Your Details with information needed to confidentially load your performance data. You can then choose to Subscribe.

Here are some Questions and Answers. More are set out in Resources / FAQ / The Problem. 
You do not need to view that information to subscribe. You may want to know about:

How much difference was there over the Great Financial Crisis five years 2007 / 2011?
Between top and bottom performances, there was 15% in low risk portfolios
That 15% effectively doubled performance for the clients of the top performing team.

There was a 44% difference in high risk portfolios over five years. These figures are in the sample reports.

As an example, from experience and memory only, a retired plumber started with just over $1m and finished with just over $600,000 years later.
A retired railways engineer and his wife happened to obtain the services from another provider whose focus was on protecting capital first, and knew how to do that.
They saw their portfolio dip about 18% and get back above the line within 12 months to retain their $1m. 

The selection of provider is the most important investment decision. 
Starting with knowledge of performance is the first step. 
That is confirmed by investment experts like Gareth Morgan. See comments in Solutions FAQ.

Is past performance relevant to future performance?
No, if comparing past with future, but yes if past with past. It tells a lot about competence and capability which carries forward. The first step of investment committees when reviewing sector fund managers is to review past five year performance. 

Will it help my investment adviser?
Investment advisers need proof for clients that their investment committee team is performing well.

Will the Ranking Reports help me refer friends to my investment adviser?
Without the Ranking Reports, you have doubts. The Ranking Reports will enable you to confidently recommend your investment adviser and provider.

The Ranking Reports will also enable next generation investors to select an investment provider. They have difficulty without a performance ranking as a first step just like the investment committees use performance ranking as the first step.

By joining, you may be helping a younger family member. 
Join now.

Finding out about past performance is the first step to developing trust.