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We aim to keep fees as low as possible having regard to our obligations and ongoing feasibility. There is no continuing obligation. You may terminate at any time to end at your next expiry date [anniversary of joining unless extended].

The fees are small compared with investment adviser fees, small compared with tax on portfolios, and very small compared with the dollar differences in portfolio performance.

When you have enough information, we suggest you Sign Up Now on the left tab to complete the subscription process.


Standard Subscriptions are 12 Months to Renewal

Special Offer Low Inaugural Price.

Extended term beyond 12 months if required until more than adequate comparison is available as other subscribers join. 

Inaugural subscription $115 incl GST

Direct bank to bank payment is requested for inaugural subscribers.

Standard First Year Fees 

To be decided during inaugural Special Offer period based on feedback.

Portfolios under $200,000 are given an extra 3 months period to reduce average cost [total 15 months]. That may be replaced by a scale fee.

Direct bank to bank payment is requested until alternative methods are arranged.

Renewal Fees.

To be decided during the period until renewals commence based on feedback.
This introduces a scale based on portfolio value.
Higher value portfolios gain added value. 
Lower value portfolios need to be encouraged.
On Portfolios Up To$200,000$400,000$600,000$800,000above $800,000
 (includes GST)$ tba$ tba$ tba$ tba$ tba
To be advised

About Fees
The potential benefit from receiving up-to-date ranking information could be a substantial percentage of your portfolio capital value over time and possibly more valuable in some cases than normal market gains.

The fees represent a small price for the certainty, peace of mind and value which the reports can provide.

After joining, each 12 months [unless extended], an invoice will be sent to pay for the coming year at the appropriate rate.

Investors are free to join and leave at any time so are not bound to the next invoice which only become a tax invoice when paid.

Automatic payments
As soon as feasible, we will offer alternative payment methods including direct debit or credit card payments which may be by monthly payment. In the meantime, direct bank to bank payment will be required.