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Invespectra History

Investment Advisers are often asked: "How do we know how well our investments are performing?" There was never a satisfactory answer. Although it was possible to make comparisons with bank deposit returns or fund of fund manager performances, there was no way of comparing performance against other portfolio performances as recommended by other investment committees. It was the regular inability to answer this question which led the founder to create this website database for consumer investors.

Consumer information
The founder views Invespectra as the equivalent of Consumer NZ product comparison information for consumers. It will however also significantly help the whole investment industry by removing an impediment. Consumers need performance comparisons for every product in order to gain confidence and trust. Invespectra will provide that vital link.

During research for this project, it was found that the most frequently asked question among existing clients was: "How do we compare performance?"  The question was asked of an investment adviser many times in a presentation.

The whole hierarchy
But it is not about the Investment Adviser. They are only the conduit. The performance depends on the whole hierarchy of investment committee, fund mangers and listed companies, and world economies.

We have all seen the impacts of poor investment decisions can have on people's lives. Investors want to be sure they can make sound decisions backed by good information.

Good for the industry
The bonus is that it is also good for Investment Advisers particularly by enabling new investors to select an Investment Adviser and provider team, and for society generally by enabling a wider and more informed public view of the investment scene as sought by the Financial Markets Authority. Historic performance engenders trust.

Consumer interests should be paramount
French economist Frederic Bastiat, four days before his death in 1850, sent this message to a friend: “Treat all economic questions from the viewpoint of the consumer, for the interests of the consumer are the interests of the human race.”

Legislation now requires this from all independent financial advisers but there are serious issues remaining about conflict with other legal obligations particularly in Company Law.

"Everyone involved in Invespectra is committed to bringing consumer investors an ongoing reliable source to help provide reassurance."