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Our Goals / Mission

Invespectra's mission is to inform consumer investors, bringing benefits to them, the investment industry, and the wider economy. There is nothing new about INVESPECTRA Ranking Reports except that it has not been implemented before in a public setting. The idea is mentioned relatively frequently in investment circles. In Auckland there is a chartered accountant that provides the same service for private clients. 

The best way to protect consumer investors is to ensure that they are properly informed about the risks and benefits associated with each investment decision. 

Our aim is to ensure that every consumer investor who uses an Investment Adviser hierarchy can make an informed assessment of the hierarchy performance, and at the same time make informed decisions about all other available investment options.

Informing NZ Investors
At an early stage, Invespectra aims to provide additional independent services of interest to investors such as up to the minute economic commentary and investment information. Advocacy on points of controversy may be added such as relevant tax reform. Being associated with and sponsor of Facebook Portfolio of Funds Investors Association NZ, we will ask for your input first.


Democratisation of consumer information.