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Code of Ethics

Philosophical rationale
At its fundamental level, Invespectra is about creating knowledge to help people live better [financial] lives through selecting and using the services of better performing investment advisers.
The Invespectra documents emphasise the need for Professional Adviser Distributors [CAs, LAs, and IAs] to be bound by a Code of Business Ethics. That enables Invespectra to make the claim that all participants are bound by such a Code.
Typically smaller companies do not develop their own Business Code of Ethics.

Invespectra espouses compliance with principles found in generic Business Code of Ethics for the benefit of all those in the supply chain.
Of particular importance is that  Invespectra sees the need for Invespectra to be bound to protect the interests not only of the immediately contracted distributor parties but also the investor clients of those parties who then may contract with Invespectra to deliver the Invespectra Service.
Our commitment to the investor is to apply and maintain those ethical standards and responsibilities including integrity and honesty in all dealings. 

Of Interest:
The Institute of Business Ethics [based in UK] was established to encourage high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values. 
The IBE helps organisations to strengthen their ethics culture and encourage high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values. They assist in the development, implementation and embedding of effective and relevant ethics and corporate responsibility policies and programmes. They help organisations to provide guidance to staff and build relationships of trust with their principal stakeholders.
UK Director of IBE Philippa Foster Back OBE was in NZ during August 2010 promoting Business Ethical Responsibilities to various business groups including the Institute of Directors and the Institute of Financial Advisers many of whose members are investment advisers.

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